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If You’re an NRO Junkie

Help us support your habit.

Dear NRO Junkie,

I address this special last-ditch pitch to those of you who might proudly wear that “junkie” label — that you need NRO. Start the day with it, end the night with it, live it, breathe it . . . 

But don’t give a nickel to help support it.#ad#

Let’s change that. Let me appeal to your sense of decency, to your sense of reason.

To reason: You know that none of what we do on NRO can happen without great cost. You know what revenues we derive — from ads, pop-ups, e-mails, and all other gimmicks — don’t come close to covering those costs. You know NRO is a cause as much as it is a font of superior reporting, commentary, and analysis. You know we require the financial kindness of strangers and friends to help make ends meet. So you know that, without those many magnanimous folks, the lights that are now on could go out.

More to reason: You know that many people who, like yourself, live on NRO, who derive great value from it, have helped lighten the cost load.

Sound sensible?

Sure does. If not, well, there’s no point in trying to reason with the type who gets a thrill up his leg when he pockets something at another’s expense, who chuckles as he mutters, “What a maroon” about the upright folks who paid for their tickets while he walked in free. I think I’d rather spend time at an Obama rally for Planned Parenthood than deal with that kind of person.

But that’s not you. Nope: You admit to yourself that you currently enjoy what NRO offers because other people’s generosity has helped pay your freight.

And hopefully you’re thinking: You know, maybe the time has come for me to do the right thing.

So, I appeal to your decency: Help us now to pay some of NRO’s huge costs.

Hey, the help doesn’t have to be costly. We’re not asking for much. Baby steps — how about twelve bucks? A sawbuck and 16 bits. As they say, for the price of a cup of coffee (okay, maybe a very large cup — make that bucket — of joe). A movie ticket. A buck a month.

How about that? Can you do that? Sure you can. Will you? That’s between you and your conscience. We’re rooting for your conscience.

Can you do better than twelve bucks? If you can, please do.

Whatever you can give, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you are playing a consequential part in helping NRO.

And earning our profound appreciation.


Jack Fowler


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