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Pro-Family Tax Reform: An Open Letter

Invest in the people who will build America’s future.

Parents pay a disproportionate share of the tax burden even as they bear most of the cost of the most important investment that Americans make. That’s why conservatives have long championed a tax credit for children. The Republican Contract with America of 1994 promised to create that credit, and President George W. Bush later expanded it.

But it is still much too small. Parents pay twice to fund Social Security and Medicare: once in their payroll taxes and once in the financial sacrifices they make to raise the next generation of workers. Directly cutting taxes for parents is a way of offsetting this anti-parent bias and recognizing the contribution parents make to our fiscal future.

We commend Senator Mike Lee for leading on pro-family tax reform.

Mona Charen

Matthew Continetti

Ross Douthat

Robert P. George

William Kristol

Jonathan Last

Yuval Levin

Kate O’Beirne

Ramesh Ponnuru

Ralph Reed

Robert Stein

Michael Strain

Reihan Salam

Vin Weber

W. Bradford Wilcox

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