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Re: Re: In Ted Cruz’s Defense, He Never Said It Would Work

Dan Holler of Heritage Action writes in taking exception to the e-mail in this post:

Rich –

With regards to your earlier post in which a courageously anonymous House staffer criticizes Heritage Action for staying silent on yesterday’s underwhelming food stamp vote:

The anonymous “House aide” should be a bit more diligent in reading The Corner. On Wednesday, a post by Heritage’s Rachel Sheffield appeared at 2:41pm, when California Democrat Alan Lowenthal was on the House floor. Rachel’s post, “Making Work Standard for Food Stamps,” made the following point:

“The House proposal also is designed to encourage work for able-bodied adults. However, the measure only makes it optional for states to require work or work-related activity.

“Encouraging self-sufficiency for those who are able to work is sound welfare policy and should be the heart of food-stamp reform. Across the board, work requirements are an essential feature of welfare reform.

“Conservatives should insist that food stamps be converted into a work activation program. It ought to be mandatory – rather than merely optional – for states that receive federal food-stamp dollars to implement a work program for able-bodied adults.”


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