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So You Don’t Feel Guilty

Christmas is coming, and as much as you feel compelled to give your kids and grandkids presents that include everything from eardrum-melting headphones to zombie-slaying video games, you’d still like to give them something . . . wholesome too, no? Something, albeit consumerist, that will be more in keeping with the seasonal sentiments of love, joy, peace on earth, wassail, and figgy pudding? May we suggest The National Review Wonder Book of Fairy Tales. This big (8” by 10” and 360 pages) handsome hardcover contains dozens of wonderful traditional stories—Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding-Hood, The Traveling Musicians, The Three Bears, Little Snow-White, The Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, or The Wonderful Lamp, The Ugly Duckling, and many morethat are ideal for beginning readers. And over 125 beautiful pictures, we are justified describing it as lavishly illustrated. The National Review Wonder Book of Fairy Tales is a great gift—good for the kid, and good for your conscience! And it’s only $25, which includes shipping and handling. You can order it from the NRO Store, here.


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