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The intent of these rules is to provide guidelines for both posters and moderators. Henceforth, all post deletions will refer to the violation of a specific rule.

1. General Rules

1.1. Treat other members fairly and with respect. Abuse, insults, and personal attacks against other commenters will be not tolerated.

1.2. Do not spam. Spam is irrelevant content, explicit advertising of products, irrelevant links to external resources, and multiple postings of the same information. Do not post in all CAPS.

1.3. Please be considerate. Do not swear unnecessarily. Use only generally acceptable words and expressions. A filter is in place to safeguard this system.

2. Editorial Guidelines

2.1. Trolling is not allowed. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, please see Urban Dictionary’s definition. Content-free posts, misleading posts, posts that are based on talking points provided by left-wing posters, and posts that are designed to disrupt thoughtful conversation on subjects of interest to the conservative community are considered trolling and will not be tolerated.

Thoughtful, relevant, and original posts from any perspective are, of course, welcome.

2.2. Expressions of ethnic, religious, racial, or cultural bias and hatred will not be tolerated. There are always civil ways of stating your opinion. Use them.

We welcome feedback, complaints and most of all — new ideas and suggestions from all forum participants. We have set up a new email address, forum@nationalreview.com, for this purpose. Thank you again for your patience; we are working hard on improving things for the NRO community.

NR Editors includes members of the editorial staff of the National Review magazine and website.


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