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College Art Show Celebrates Abortion

A University of Michigan art exhibits calls abortion a “life-sustaining act.”

Students at the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus are learning about the real foundation of the civilized world: abortion.

4000 Years for Choice” is a pro-choice art exhibit currently on display at Michigan. Exhibit artist Heather Ault wants visitors to see abortion as an integral part of the “grand human history” because abortion is a “life-sustaining act.”

The exhibit features a series of posters that depict different types of contraception and abortion throughout history. One poster shows ancient people using plants to control fertility and another is about the invention of IUDs. #ad#

The university’s Institute for Research on Women and Gender sponsors the exhibit. Institute spokeswoman Debra Schwartz tells National Review Online that the institute’s mission includes using art to display women and gender and how they are “excelling.”

The artist has a point: Abortion has been known to civilization down through the ages. The more than 2,400-year-old Hippocratic Oath prohibits it. But this exhibit isn’t exactly about teaching history.

Shwartz said the exhibit’s dozens of bright-colored posters and attractive fonts are “easy to like.” These posters are part of what Schwartz calls Heather Ault’s “re-branding about how we view our bodies and reproduction.”

Ault describes herself as “a visual artist, pro-choice activist, and independent scholar creating artwork to shift conversations about reproductive rights and justice.”

Schwartz said the exhibit is being “warmly received,” adding that nobody has expressed concern. 

That may be because nobody has heard about the show. R. J. McVeigh, regional director of Students for Life, tells NRO that the exhibit is ”not that well known” on campus. “Most of my pro-life students don’t even know about it,” McVeigh says.

Students for Life’s University of Michigan campus Wednesday hosted “What Has Roe Done for Us?” — a touring exhibit that exposes the “lies of the abortion industry that legal abortion is not just safe, but good for women.”

The university’s Students for Choice staged a counter-protest. A leader of Students for Choice said the exhibit was “spreading allegedly false information about abortion and Planned Parenthood.”

“4000 Years for Choice” will be on display through May 29 in the main lobby of the Lane Hall women’s-studies building.

— Joshua Encinias is an Agostinelli Fellow at National Review.

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