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Editor’s Note: John J. Miller wrote the cover story for the January 27, 2014, issue of National Review, “Obamacare’s Cornhusker Nemesis,” profiling Nebraska Republican Senate candidate, Ben Sasse. Sasse went on to win the Republican nomination. He sent the following letter to National Review’s editor, Rich Lowry:

Dear Rich,

Now that the dust has settled from Election Day, I wanted to send you a note and extend my deepest thanks for you and the role that NR played in our campaign. People sometimes forget this, but we were at single digits in the polls at the time that you all weighed in on behalf of our project. After the cover story, nobody wondered if we had a chance to win anymore. We still had to go out and do the work of winning Nebraskans to our cause, but our campaign was definitely viewed differently after that. NR helped put us on the map.

Even more than what you did in our race though, I want to thank you for the work that you all do at National Review. I’ve been reading NR since I was in college, and I still do. National Review to this day remains one of the most important translators of conservatism that our movement has. I have said many times in this campaign that we need more story tellers — there are no better story tellers in the conservative movement than National Review.

Thank you again for your support, your belief in our campaign, and all the work that you do to keep America great. Please keep in touch. 


Ben Sasse

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