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Frat Accused of Sexual Harassment Over Dancing Teletubby

Is dancing like a Teletubby in the vicinity of sorority co-eds a Title IX violation?

A fraternity was accused of a Title IX violation on the grounds that dancing in a Teletubby costume is sexual harassment.

Delta Tau Delta at the University of Missouri had to meet with the school’s “Title IX Coordinator” because a member dressed up like a Teletubby, a children’s television character, and danced in the street during sorority recruitment.

A video of the incident shows a red Teletubby running around waving his arms and fist-pumping:

It is not clear how anyone could look at these dance moves and see them as even remotely sexual. Perhaps for this reason, the coordinator decided to dismiss the case. It’s unclear who filed the complaint under Title IX, a 1972 federal sex-discrimination statute.

The university’s handling of sexual assaults hit headlines recently when ESPN revealed that it had likely violated Title IX in its handling of rape allegations against former running back Derrick Washington in 2008.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review Online.

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