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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Brings Arrested Polar Bear On Show As Global Warming Expert

The network's viewership is nearly extinct; can a furry friend change that?

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said he was “confused” about the climate change summit and asked Frostpaw the arrested polar bear to tell him what to think.

“I’m just like, so confused, right?” Hayes told the bear. “There’s just 150 countries, and everyone seems to be saying we should do something.”

“I never know how to score it, and I look to people that I trust,” he continued. “Like, what should I look for as this summit happens?”

Frostpaw told Hayes that the world needs “specific, binding emissions cuts from different countries,” and that the United States must lead the charge.

Hayes frantically picked up a pen and paper to jot down Frostpaw’s expert advice.

“Specific, binding emissions cuts, I’m writing it down,” he said.

Frostpaw has made headlines in the past for “stalking” President Obama. The bear has made appearances at several of the family’s vacations, the White House, and various presidential stops in locations ranging from Miami to San Francisco.

The Center for Biological Diversity defines itself as an organization that uses “science, law and creative media” to “to secure a future for all species, great and small, hovering on the brink of extinction.”

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter at National Review Online.




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