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School District Considering Sex Education for Kindergartners

Clark County School District in Las Vegas is considering updating its curriculum to require a sex education program for all kindergarteners that teaches them how to masturbate. 

Under the new curriculum, children ages 5 through 8 would be taught that “touching one’s genitals to feel good is called masturbation.”

Last week, dozens of parents went to the school board to express their horror, according to an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal

“You want to teach my 5-year-old how to masturbate?” parent Julie Butler said, according to the Journal

The masturbation information is just one part of more than 100 pages of changes the school is considering making to its sex education policy. Other controversial suggestions include teaching kids ages 5 through 8 about homosexuality and homosexual attraction. 

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky tried to calm the outraged parents by assuring them that the board had not formally proposed the policy for the district — it was simply seeking community input.

But some say the board seems to be purposely limiting community involvement in the decision. In fact, the meetings are invite-only.

“I felt it was quite limited in scope and who was able to attend,” parent Nicole Luth said.

But the potential changes hit the headlines after invited attendees emailed them to other parents. 

“I don’t’ think any of us were ready for anything like that to come out; it was shocking,” said CCSD Trustee Deanna Wright, said.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter at National Review Online.

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