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Ben and Jerry’s Won’t Change ‘Hazed and Confused’ Flavor after Hazing Victims Complain

Nothing about the name choice “even inferred” hazing, says the ice-cream company.

Generally left-leaning ice-cream company Ben and Jerry’s has refused to rename its “Hazed and Confused” hazelnut ice-cream flavor despite cries from activists that it’s insensitive to hazing victims.

“It didn’t make sense for us to change the name,” Ben and Jerry’s spokesman Sean Greenwood told Bloomberg. “We named it after a pop-culture reference.”

Greenwood said the company did not see anything about the flavor name that “even inferred” hazing. 

But that’s not how Lianna and Brian Kowiak of Tampa feel, who say they were “shocked” and “dismayed” to see an ice-cream flavor with that name.

“The company completely avoided and didn’t take into consideration what are the unintentional implications of this chosen name,” Brian said. 

Lianne and Brian had a son, Harrison, die of a head injury during a fraternity “hell week” in 2008.

Anti-hazing activist Hank Nuwer of StopHazing.org also criticized the flavor and pressed people to contact the company and complain. 

Greenwood said Internet responses to the flavor name were mostly positive. 

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter at National Review Online.


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