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‘F-Bombs for Feminism’ Takes Cynical Trolling to Another Level

A T-shirt company makes little girls curse at the camera, supposedly for a good cause.

According to feminists, it’s okay for your six-year-old daughter to curse like a sailor, as long as you don’t tell her she’s pretty, and heaven forbid if she wants to dress up like Princess Elsa for Halloween.

You may remember FCKH8.com, the “for-profit t-shirt company with an activist heart” from a recent ad campaign, where they clearly took a page from PETA’s book by featuring photos of nearly naked famous people behind white block letters spelling out their concern for a social cause.

Well, FCKH8 is at it again. This time, they dressed up a bunch of little girls in princess costumes and asked them to curse at the camera for a video entitled, “F-Bombs for Feminism.”


“What the f***?!” the video begins, with a young girl, who can’t be much older than seven years old, exclaiming, “I’m not some pretty f***ing helpless princess in distress! I’m pretty f***ing powerful.” Charming.

The young girls, aged six to thirteen, featured in the video drop the F-bomb 14 times, while complaining about a number of tired liberal tropes. “Women are paid 25 percent less than men, for the exact same f***ing work,” one little girl shouts at the camera. (This common “statistic” at the heart of feminist propaganda has, of course, been repeatedly debunked.) Then, the children shout at the viewer about rape statistics, particularly the factoid that one in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. “Which one of us will it be?” one girl asks. And then they transition to the topic of women’s sexuality, obviously an appropriate subject for kindergartners, but I suppose it’s just as appropriate as rape. “My aspirations in life should not be worrying about the shape of my ass,” one little girl says.

The point of all this cursing? According to the girls: “What is more offensive? A little girl saying, ‘F***’ or the ‘f***ing unequal and sexist way society treats girls and women?” At the end, a woman says, “Instead of cleaning these girls’ mouths out with soap, maybe society should clean up its act,” in a voice so condescending it took all of my strength not to slap my computer across the face . . . er, screen. 

The real point of all this cursing? To sell T-shirts. FCKH8.com likes to pretend that it’s driven by a social-justice mission but it’s really just out to make a buck off of politically correct causes. According to the video, $5 from each T-shirt purchase will go towards “kick-ass” charities that are “fighting every day to make the world more equal for women and girls.” However, there is no information on their website as to which specific charities they’re referring to. However, there is a comprehensive list of the celebrities that own and have talked about their products. After all, who really cares about the names of the charities that your money is going to? What’s really important is that Ellen DeGeneres wore one of our buttons once!


Attempts to contact FCKH8 for answers to this all-important question went as follows: 


The Internet activists who went wild for the video clearly missed what was really going on here. Though FCKH8 claims to have an “activist’s heart,” these little girls were exploited for money, plain and simple. But the worst part about all of this? These children have parents who allowed them to take this acting job, and who were likely standing nearby during filming. 

— Christine Sisto is an editorial associate at National Review Online.

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