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Lena Dunham: The Expression ‘TMI’ Is Sexist

According to feminist icon Lena Dunham, yet another common expression is actually really a super-sexist one: “too much information,” or “TMI.”

In fact, Dunham said she finds the expression so offensive that it’s her “least favorite phrase.” 

“I think when men share their experiences, it’s bravery, and when women share their experiences, it’s some sort of — people are like, ‘TMI,’” she told NPR’s Terry Gross in an interview this week. 

Despite Dunham’s claims, men have in the past shared their experiences without being praised for “bravery,” and women have used “TMI” to tell a man they think he’s “oversharing.”

To top it off, Dunham said that the word “oversharing” is also unacceptable because it, too, is “really gendered.”

“I feel as though there’s some sense that society trivializes female experiences,” she said. 

Dunham published a book, Not That Kind of Girl, about her own “female experiences,” and earned a very not-trivial $3.5 million off of its publication alone. 

It was released Tuesday. 

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter at National Review Online.


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