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Salon Publishes Article Branding a Man a ‘Molester’ for Hitting on Women

Brian Robinson in a promotional video for his book (via YouTube)

Salon has published an article branding a man a “molester” because he meets women on the subway and later asks them out on dates. 

On Sunday, New York Post published a feature on the man, named Brian Robinson, who said he’s been on dates with 500 women he’s met on the subway. 

In the article, Robinson said that he doesn’t even overtly hit on the women, but simply asks them friendly questions such as where they are from and where they work. 

In fact, the most mischievous thing Robinson said he did was pretend to be lost as an excuse to strike up conversations — hardly an act deserving of sexual-assault allegations. 

But that didn’t stop Salon from publishing an article titled “The creepiest man in New York: A gross portrait of a subway molester.”

The article’s author, Hayley Krischer, goes into great detail about why Robinson is “creepy,” but does not refer to any instances of molestation.

It seems, in other words, Salon was not simply mistaken about the nature of Robinson’s actions, but chose to write the essentially slanderous headline on purpose. 

The article is also tagged with the category “sexual assault.” 

A book written by Robinson, titled How to Meet Women on the Subway, comes out this week. 

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter at National Review Online.


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