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Five Cringe-Inducing Hillary Music Videos Ranked by Horribleness

Warning: Disturbing material

This month, the political universe was gifted with the release of a pro–Hillary Clinton country western song that, according to Mother Jones, will “make your ears bleed.” The release set the political-reporting world’s pantsuits on fire this week and is rightfully making people question Vince Foster’s death again. However, it is important to note that this video is one of a colorful collection of Hillary music videos lovingly produced by her supporters over the years. Here is a quick re-cap ranked in reverse order of horribleness: 

5. ‘Hillary in the House’ (2008) 


Simply put: The greatest thing that has ever been put on the Internet. 

The part of this video that is perfect forever: this dance


In conclusion, 2016 is going to suck. 

— Benny Johnson is digital director of National Review.

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