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Your Support Keeps NR Going

As a donor, you are part of the dynamics that make NR work.

Opinion journalism is not for the faint hearted. I’ve had the pleasure of working as a National Review Suit for over two decades and I have learned that this is definitely not the kind of business model taught in MBA programs.

Every business relies on its customers to achieve success. But when you venture to, say, Home Depot, and buy a hammer, do you also leave an extra $5 with the cashier so the business can survive and expand? Of course you don’t.

But that is precisely what thousands of you do (you donate) when it comes to National Review. Call it kindness, and know: We don’t take your kindness for granted. Indeed, we feel keenly that the generosity of our subscribers and readers — those who go above and beyond by contributing — are a vital part of this business, this cause.

You may not be a reporter here or work on the circulation staff or man the reception desk, but as a donor you are no less part of the dynamics that makes this work.

And what is the “this”?

“This” is vital and vibrant and powerful and necessary conservative reporting and analysis that is central to our republic. This nation is all the better for having a wise, conservative, and authoritative voice in America’s political and cultural debates.

We’ve asked you to donate, and many of you have. We now ask those of you who’ve yet to do so to . . . do so. For the very reasons just expressed. National Review is a magazine, yes, but it’s more than that. National Review Online is a website, yes, but it’s more than that. Much more. They are so because of Rich and Jonah and Ramesh and Andy and Victor and Jay and Kevin and Mona and Charlie and K-Lo and many more, but also because of you.

Without you, no them, no us.

This webathon has rounded the last turn and is into the home stretch. I want to thank those of you who have given (I’ve tried to do so personally and will keep plugging away at the list). 

A final thought. We tend to see everything increasingly through the lens of politics. I don’t think that’s particularly healthy, but, well, that’s how many people roll. So it would be difficult to look back at 2014 and not say, because of the elections, that it was a very good year, all in all.

But was it? I think the next two years will prove or disprove that. So we have our work cut out for us, and there will be much to yell stop about. That’s what National Review plans to do in 2015. Alongside you.

Please consider that donation, okay? A lot is riding on it.

So let’s say a prayer for this year that is upon all of us — may it be a happy and healthy one for you and yours, and from myself and from Rich, and all our colleagues at NR, we wish God’s blessings and graces on you and your family and on this great, this exceptional, country of ours.


Jack Fowler



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