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7 Levels of Shade John Boehner Threw at Obama During The SOTU

According to Urban Dictionary:
Throw Shade: “To talk trash about a friend or acquaintance, to publicly denounce or disrespect.” 
Here is how well Boehner threw shade this week: 

1. When Boehner sad clapped: 


2. When he made this face: 


3. The historic Boehner Wipe #Shade


4. “Look you up and down” Shade/Smirk


5. Not caring Shade. 


6. The “But that’s none of my business” Shade. 


7. The “I really, really can’t right now.”


Thankfully, Boehner was not the only one throwing weird shade at the President during the SOTU: 

Big ups to YAHOO! for the original video. 

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