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Here Is the Hilarious Biden 2016 Moment We All Missed This Week

Joe Biden had a range of predictably hilarious and creepy moments during his swearing-in of new and reelected senators this week.

However, one exchange during freshman senator Ben Sasse’s swearing-in takes the cake — and provides a juicy 2016 preview moment.

Biden was meeting a 95-year old decorated veteran who’s related to Sasse.


Biden and the war hero exchange pleasantries . . .

He said, “You are looking good!” 

. . . and then the vet pulled Biden in close . . .

. . . and said:

In an audible whisper.

Biden’s reaction:


That is one happy Biden. 


The senator’s wife, Melissa, attempted to smooth the situation over.

“He’s crude sometimes.” 

Biden’s response:


Ahhh . . . 2016.

Photo credit: White House / Flickr

You can watch the full exchange here.


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