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Obama’s New Foreign Policy Doctrine: “Strategic Patience”

Why didn’t I try this one on the nuns when I didn’t get my 5th grade homework done? “Patience, Sister.” Yeah, that would have gone well …

Brendan’s post outlines Susan Rice’s Brookings speech today during which she minimized threats to American national security and gussied up as a shrewd “strategy” what has seemed to us mere mortals to be the president’s inability to respond to threats (or, say, 8-hour jihadist mass-murder attacks not caused by obscure movie trailers).

It is called Obama’s doctrine of … wait for it (and wait … and wait) … “Strategic Patience.”

This is not a parody. “The challenges we face require strategic patience and persistence,” wrote the president in the 35-page, long overdue (patience, patience …) National Security Strategy document delivered to Congress on Friday. In it, Obama explains how he has outlawed torture (which was outlawed for years before he before he took office by a quaint institution known as Congress) while “lead[ing] the world through a shifting security landscape toward a more durable peace and a new prosperity” – which you must have noticed.

Just two more years. Patience. 


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