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Baltimore Protester Yells ‘We Will Kill, Straight Up’ on CNN

Protesters in Baltimore angered over the death of Freddie Gray tried to seize control of a CNN broadcast on Tuesday by repeatedly grabbing the correspondent’s microphone to curse and threaten to “kill” in retaliation.

Gray, who was black, died on Sunday after he suffered a severed spine while in police custody earlier this month. He had been arrested “without force or incident,” according to police documents, which has raised questions about what transpired during his arrest and while he was in transit to the police station in the officers’ van.

On Tuesday, Baltimore residents erupted in protest, upset at what they saw as the latest example of police targeting black men. CNN’s Miguel Marquez was present and described the protesters as “incredibly angry” and “extraordinarily unhappy”; moments later, a protester grab Marquez’s mic from him and started swearing into the camera. Demonstrators repeatedly walked into Marquez’s shot, and tried to shout over him throughout his broadcast. At one point, a protester yelled, “We will kill, straight up.”

The Justice Department has launched a civil-rights investigations into the case, and six of the officers involved have been suspended.​

Andrew Johnson is an editorial associate at National Review Online.


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