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‘Black Lives Matter’ Protester Arrested for Making ‘Terrorist Threats’

Jasmine Richards (Image via KABC)

Police in Pasadena, Calif., arrested a Black Lives Matter protester on two outstanding warrants for terrorist threats, assault, trespassing, and petty theft among other alleged crimes. The Pasadena Star-News reports that Jasmine Richards’ arrest emerged out of a protest that took place last week. Richards’ arrest appears to have occurred shortly before a meeting of the Pasadena City Council.

The Black Lives Matter chapters in Los Angeles and Pasadena issued a statement claiming the police misused their authority in arresting the 28-year-old protester, who became a member of the organization after visiting Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014.

“Since her return to Pasadena from Ferguson, she has been pivotal in making sure that Anya Slaughter, and other family members of those who have been murdered or brutalized by the Pasadena police, are connected to and centered in the Black Lives Matter movement,” the statement reads. “She is exactly who we hope our young people will become.”

The Black Lives Matter chapters claim their organization suffers from excessive police scrutiny. But Black Lives Matter protesters have attracted attention across the country by staging massive protests and targeting people that attempt to eat brunch in peace.

The Pasadena Police Department did not respond to NR’s requests for comment about Richards’ case, but an activist’s posts on Facebook suggested she posted bail and was released pending a court date.


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