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Chris Matthews: ‘Piggish Money People’ Airing Ads against Rand Paul

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews criticized his own network for airing attack ads against Senator Rand Paul (R., Ky.) today, saying the ads were financed by Republican hawks’ ”piggish money.”

Matthews commended Paul for mounting what he called a “direct charge against the neo-cons and the piggish money behind them right now.”

“There’s a rotten crowd out there that is very hawkish in the Republican party,” Matthews claimed, a faction that “wants to fight more wars, that wants to do more regime-change.” He accused that wing of the GOP of wanting to ”knock off” governments in countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Iran, and Libya by “creat[ing] instability and chaos and then say[ing], ‘We’re going to create Western-style, pro-Israeli democracies.’”​

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Paul, on the other hand, who has been described as holding non-interventionist foreign-policy views, earned a “salute” from Matthews “for having the guts to take on this crowd.”

By Matthews’s assessment, Paul has hit a cord with “regular voters” who dislike the nonsense” peddled by hawkish groups. He added that GOP hawks are detached from the realities of war because their children do not go overseas to fight. 

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“All this money is piggish money — that’s a term we used in the 60s for the hawks,” Matthews continued.

He then expressed his dissatisfaction with MSNBC host Thomas Roberts playing an ad from the Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America in the lead-up to his segment. 

“Stop running right-wing ads on our network. They’re front groups — they’re hawkish, right-wing front groups.”


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