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Dem Rep Blames ALEC, Conservative Groups for S.C. Shooting Death

Earlier today, Representative Jim Clyburn (D., S.C.) singled out one right wing group for creating the “climate” that led a North Charleston police officer to kill Walter Scott.

Clyburn, who represents Scott’s family, took to MSNBC to blame the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, for the man’s death. “The problem we’ve got is that a climate has been created in the country that’s causing these things to occur all over,” he told host Chris Matthews.

While he struggled to recall the group’s name (“the American Legislative — whatever they call that group,” and then calling it “ALEX”), Clyburn pointed the finger at ALEC for supporting stand-your-ground legislation (which, he said, provides “a license for people to be vigilantes”), “so-called” voter ID laws, and “unfair redistricting plans.”

“These people are a cancer eating at the innards of our society and it’s time for our elected officials to start speaking out about this because the climate that is being created is not a good climate,” Clyburn said. “That’s why you have these rogue police officers feeling they have license to do what they want to do and there will be no consequences, pay it forward. I think that’s the mindset of this police officer.”

Andrew Johnson is an editorial associate at National Review Online.


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