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Howard Dean: U.S. Should Walk Away from Iran Negotiations

In a move that stunned the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, liberal former Vermont governor Howard Dean agreed that the U.S. should now walk away from the nuclear negotiation table with Iran.

Talks in Lausanne, Switzerland over the Islamic theocracy’s nuclear program extended past Tuesday night’s deadline, with negotiators stuck on what to do with the uranium already enriched and the time it would take for Iran to convert an approved nuclear energy program into one capable of producing weapons. While these details remain unresolved, Iranian negotiators are still demanding an immediate end to international sanctions on their country.

“I think John Kerry and Barack Obama are far, far too eager for a deal with Iran, and could actually get a better deal if they walked away from the table and possibly came back later,” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough began with Dean on Wednesday morning. “Why am I wrong, Howard?”

“I actually think you’re right about this,” the famously dovish Dean replied, shocking Scarborough and the other panelists.

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#related#”The United States is negotiating from a much stronger position than we were four years ago,” Dean said, explaining that “these guys are desperate to get rid of the sanctions.”

The former DNC chair said Iran’s negotiating tactics reminded him of a New York real estate person “com[ing] in at the closing and saying, ‘I’ll take another $10,000′ — at the closing!”

“Obama is right to try to get a deal,” he continued. “[But] I’m worried about how these negotiations have gone. And I think that Joe is right, probably, to step away from the table.”


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