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Report: 63 Percent of Business-Owners Believe Obamacare Will Hurt Their Bottom Line

Approximately 63 percent of “business owners, decision makers, and human resource professionals” believe Obamacare will hurt their business in the future, according to a survey conducted last month by Express Employment Professionals, a temporary staffing agency.

“What they’re telling us is that the law isn’t just affecting their bottom line,” said Bob Funk, Express Employment Professionals CEO, in a statement. “It’s limiting their desire to hire new workers.”

The survey found that more and more businesses harbor concerns about the future because of Obamacare. Approximately 62 percent of respondents expected the law would harm job creation in the future, and a majority of respondents at businesses with 45-49 full-time employees said they would try to keep their full-time staff under the law’s 50-person threshold in order to avoid the requirement to provide health insurance.


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