Campus Survey’s Trigger Warning: May Contain ‘Anatomical Names of Body Parts’

You know, kind of like middle-school biology class.

Campus-climate surveys distributed at several major universities included a trigger warning to alert students that some of the questions would contain “anatomical names of body parts” because apparently seeing those words might be traumatic.

TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the questions in this survey use explicit language, including anatomical names of body parts and specific behaviors about sexual situations,” the survey states.

“Phone numbers of resources for support will be available on every page of the survey, should you need them,” it continues.

Yes. “Anatomical names” of body parts — as in the kinds of words kids hear in their middle-school biology and sex-education classes — are apparently so dangerous that adult college students cannot be expected to be able to handle seeing them without a warning. I guess it’s a wonder I made it out of seventh grade alive.

Variations of the survey containing this warning were distributed at schools including the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago.

The survey asked students questions including whether or not they had been victims of rape, forced kissing, or having to see their classmates post “offensive sexual jokes” on social media.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review Online.       

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