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Donald Trump Calls Out Stephanopoulos for Asking Questions about Hillary

In an interview Wednesday with Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos, newly minted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told Stephanopoulos he had no business talking about Hillary Clinton.

The day after he formally became the twelfth Republican to announce his candidacy for president, Trump sat down with Stephanopoulos for an interview. After discussing Apprentice stars fellow Republican candidates, Stephanopoulos asked, “How about Hillary Clinton?”

“What Hillary’s got with the emails is to me scandalous — of course, you shouldn’t be the one talking to me about that,” Trump said. “You shouldn’t be the one asking me those questions, but I don’t mind.”

Last month, the Washington Free Beacon was the first to report that the ABC News anchor and former staffer in the Bill Clinton administration had donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation over the past several years without disclosing the money to his viewers.

For several months leading up to this revelation, the Clinton Foundation and it’s highly questioned foreign donations were a popular topic on Stephanopoulos’s other ABC show, This Week. Stephanolopoulos’s coverage of the scandals surrounding the foundation had drawn fire for its apparent bias. His interview with Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer — in which he grilled the author and at one point accused him of having a “partisan interest” — had been singled out for especially harsh criticism.

In an apology released shortly after the donations became public, Stephanopoulos said, “I should have taken the extra step of personally disclosing my donations to my employer and to the viewers on-air during the recent news stories about the Foundation.”

While ABC News believed Stephanopoulos’s apology was enough, Republicans, including several presidential candidates, called for the anchor to recuse himself from covering the 2016 presidential election, since Hillary Clinton is a candidate for the Democratic nomination.

Although Stephanopoulos vowed not to host any of the 2016 presidential debates, he did not go so far as to withdraw from covering the 2016 race altogether. Since then, the initial outrage over the anchor’s donations has died down, and he’s gotten back into the swing of things. In recent weeks, he’s interviewed Rick Santorum, Lindsey Graham, and now Trump in the aftermath of their presidential campaign launches.

— Julia Porterfield is an intern at National Review, editor-in-chief of Red Millennial, and a junior at Regent University.


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