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President Obama: Too Cool for Our Frumpy Allies?

The annual G7 conference is packed with important international figures, so it’s probably not too easy for President Obama to make sure they all get face time with the leader of the free world.

Still, today, the president seems to have been so intent on chatting up two of the more glamorous personalities there – IMF head Christine Lagarde and Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi — that he paid no heed to the Iraqi prime minister and his translator when they sidled up for a chat.

Abadi is, of course, locked in an existential fight with the Islamic State for the survival of his own country. But eventually Abadi and his translator just gave up and walked away. The Iraqi PM was even forced to do the old “look-at-your-watch” trick, which all junior-high-school boys know is the best way to avoid looking too desperate.

That said, President Obama may have just not seen Abadi — earlier, they had participated in a choreographed photo-op, so the Iraqi wasn’t ignored entirely. 

All told, it’s still nice to know that our leaders are just like the rest of us. They, too, are sometimes awkward at parties.

— Isaac Cohen is an intern at National Review.

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