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Donald Trump Loves Gold, as a Matter of Home Decor and Monetary Policy

Among other astute observations since his campaign launch, Donald Trump noted: “I’m really rich.”

The one-page wealth summary he released in June reveals that his net worth exceeds $8.7 billion. (The Forbes list of billionaires pegged it at less than half that amount – a meager $4.1 billion.)

So what does he do with all his dough? Known for opulent and garish taste, candidate Trump has embraced conspicuous consumption. And boy, does he like gold. Indeed, he has shown enthusiasm for returning to the gold standard. “There is something very nice,” he said, “about the concept” of having a “solid” country filled with money backed by bullion. 

After Trump announced his presidential bid, Stephen Colbert joked about Trump’s “luxurious, gold-plated, diamond encrusted” campaign. In that spirit, here are the top eight most luxurious, gold-plated, diamond-encrusted items Trump has possessed.

8. Trump 24K Super Premium Vodka

Well, maybe The Donald never downed one of these himself (he doesn’t drink), but he ensured that his line of luxury vodka bore the Trump brand. Advertised under the slogan “success distilled,” each $100 bottle is labeled with a 24-karat gold “T.”

7. Rent, Paid in Gold Bullion

Concerned about the value of the dollar, Trump ever-so-graciously accepted gold bullion in lieu of a deposit check from a new tenant in his 40 Wall Street property. Tenant Michael Haynes, chief executive of precious metals dealer APMEX, paid Trump $200,000 worth of 0.9999 pure, 32.15-troy-ounce gold bars.

6. Custom Gold Motorcycle

Keeping with the 24-karat theme, Paul Teutal Sr. of the Discovery Channel’s American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior designed Trump a chopper – branded with Trump’s name, of course – featuring 24-karat gold detailing and custom parts.

5. Gold-Plated Helicopter

Trump owns another kind of gold chopper. He upgraded one helicopter in his fleet to a top-grade Sikorsky S-76 helicopter, estimated at $7 million. The upgrade likely cost around $750,000. Obligatory gold items include seatbelt buckles, handles, and the family crests emblazoned inside.

4. Seven Springs Westchester Mansion

When Trump and his family have a hankering for suburbia, they escape to this nearly 40,000-square-foot stone and glass mansion on 213 acres, complete with marble pool. He paid $7.5 million for the home in 1995, and it’s probably worth loads more now.

3. Trump Tower Penthouse

A Louis XIV-style Manhattan apartment features marble floors, walls, and columns; ceiling frescos; winged cherubs; and diamond chandeliers. Gold platters, lamps, vases, crown molding, and other 24-karat fittings decorate this ostentatious King Midas’s abode.

#related#2. Private Jet, Boeing 757

This $100 million avian beast marked “TRUMP” is equipped with a 57-inch television, two wood-paneled bedrooms, and marble sinks, as well as the predictable 24-karat gold faucets, table legs, seatbelt buckles, trimmings, and insignias.

1. Trump Princess Yacht

Move over, Marco Rubio.

In Trump’s boat, the master stateroom has a tortoise-shell (the chic, endangered variety) ceiling and the master bedroom has its own barber chair for touching up that famous toupee (comb-over? red panda tail?). An onyx bathroom, a marble bar, three elevators, 3,500 square meters of suede, a movie theater, and 210 telephones are just a few of the other amenities. The Trump Organization appraised the yacht at $150 million–$200 million.


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