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Professor: Scott Walker and Hitler Share ‘So Many’ Similarities That ‘It’s Terrifying’

They're basically the same guy!

According to one University of Wisconsin professor, presidential candidate Scott Walker and mass-murdering dictator Adolf Hitler are so similar that it’s actually “terrifying.”

“My grandfather, a psychologist, just walked me through similarities between Walker and Hitler. There are so many-it’s terrifying,” educational-policies professor Sara Goldrick-Rab tweeted on July 1.

It’s pretty clear that Goldrick-Rab is not exactly Walker’s biggest fan. In fact, she also declared that the Wisconsin politician is most definitely a “fascist” in a tweet posted on July 3.

As crazy as they may seem, Goldrick-Rab defended her comments as totally reasonable in an e-mail to the College Fix:

#related#“If you reread the tweet, you will see that I stated that an expert in the field — a psychoanalyst with decades of experience — compared the ‘psychological characteristics’ of the two individuals, and that I was struck by his analysis,” she stated. “There do appear to be commonalities.” (Although the grandfather in question may not be a licensed psychiatrist, the ethics guide of the American Psychiatric Association bars such an assessment.)

Walker announced that he’d be running for president on Monday. For the record, his vision for America sounded significantly different from Hitler’s for Nazi Germany.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review Online.


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