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Donald Trump Is a Hack in a Trucker Hat

He should be embarrassed that he's so bad at telling jokes.

The fact the Donald Trump doesn’t regret his comments about Megyn Kelly is mind-blowing — because any self-respecting person would be embarrassed for having told such a stupid joke in front of the entire country.

Even if you think it wasn’t sexist, even if you consider him some kind of hero waging a war on political correctness, there’s still one thing you can’t deny: The joke was dumb. It’s the exact kind of thing you’d hear at open-mic night at a bar, except at least most of those guys have the sense to feel humiliated once they realize no one’s laughing.

Trump’s comment didn’t provoke meaningful conversation, nor was it consequential enough to ever come close to harming one of the most respected and talented people in television news.

Trump is not a hero to be praised. Trump is not an enemy to be feared. Trump is a hack in a trucker hat.

Think about it. There are hundreds of think-pieces on a remark that’s about as worthy of thoughtful consideration as anything written in Internet comments sections by a loser living in his mom’s basement.

#related#Yes, our culture’s obsession with political correctness is a huge problem, and people who speak frankly are refreshing. But telling an “a-woman-is-angry-she-must-be-on-her-period” joke doesn’t make you a warrior for free speech. It makes you a 14-year-old boy, someone who probably would have also tried to save himself with an excuse as dumb as “I meant out of her nose” when he realized that he’d made a bad move by saying it — an explanation that, by the way, no 14-year-old girl would ever be naïve enough to accept.

Having any kind of emotionally charged response to such a juvenile comment just pumps up Trump’s already inflated sense of self-importance. I’m a woman, and although Trump’s comment was clearly sexist, it just wasn’t creative enough for me to waste any time or energy getting upset about it.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review Online.


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