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Fiorina Fundraising Spikes after Debate

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Claiming a spike in fundraising since Thursday night’s debate, Carly Fiorina threw a punch at Donald Trump while also making an appeal to voters currently inclined to support him.

“We certainly have seen an uptick in financial support. We’ve seen an uptick in support generally and so, it’s very exciting,” Fiorina told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. “We’re going to talk to as many people as we can through every medium there is. I will continue to do what I’ve done from day one. I will answer any question. I will talk to anyone. I’m not afraid to talk about anything.The more people get to know me, the more people support me. So, that’s what we’re going to keep doing.”

NBC conducted an online survey that suggests Fiorina and Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) were the two candidates who gained the most support from their debate performances, although Trump still led the field. “22 percent said Fiorina won or had the best performance in the debate, followed by 18 percent who said Trump had the best performance,” per MSNBC. “However, another 29 percent said Trump did the worst in the debate, clearly showing how polarizing he is. When the candidates’ negative performance percentages are subtracted from their positive percentages, Fiorina notched a positive 20, whereas Trump scored a negative 11.”

Trump insulted Fiorina on Sunday following her defense of Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, who asked the real estate mogul and reality TV star if he could defend making derogatory comments about women. “I just realized that if you listen to Carly Fiorina for more than ten minutes straight, you develop a massive headache. She has zero chance!” Trump tweeted. 

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Fiorina told Wallace that political leaders don’t “get things done by insulting everyone,” but she also reiterated the pitch to Trump supporters that she made on Thursday. “Donald Trump taps into an anger — an anger with the ineptitude, the corruption of the federal government and the professional political class,” she said. “I agree with that anger. It’s why I’m running for president, because honestly, no matter your issue, no matter your cause or festering problem you hoped would be resolved by now, the political class has failed you.”

#related#She also criticized Hillary Clinton while denouncing crony capitalism. “I would point out to Hillary Clinton is that every single one of the policies that she’s currently pursuing make income inequality worse,” Fiorina said. “Exhibit A, income inequality under the Obama administration. Exhibit B, every liberal state in this nation. I spent 12 years in the state of California, a state that’s been ruled by liberals for a long time. And guess what you have: about 130 billionaires — good for them — the highest poverty rates in the nation, the exodus of middle class and destruction of industry after industry after industry. Income inequality is worse under progressive policies because progressive policies favor the wealthy, the well-connected, the big and the powerful.”

— Joel Gehrke is a political reporter for National Review.


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