School Reportedly Bans Superhero Lunchboxes Because Superheroes Are Too ‘Violent’

There was no actual violence on the offending lunchbox.

A little girl named Laura was reportedly sent home from school with a note informing her parents that she could no longer bring her lunchbox to school because it had a picture of Wonder Woman on it and was therefore too violent.

Note: There was absolutely no actual violence displayed on the lunchbox — just a picture of Wonder Woman holding the Lasso of Truth.

But apparently, even that image is just too graphic to be on school grounds:

“The dress code we have established requests that the children not bring violent images into the building in any fashion – on their clothing (including shoes and socks), backpacks and lunch boxes,” reads a letter sent home to Laura’s parents, Daniel and Sarah, according to The Mary Sue.

#related#”We have defined ‘violent characters’ as those who solve problems using violence. Superheroes certainly fall into that category,” it continued.

(It’s not clear whether or not the school would perform sock inspections to ensure that none contained images of superheroes. Might not be a bad idea, especially considering what a huge, horrific problem that would be.)

Superhero-lunchbox-gate gained attention after one of the girl’s parents’ friends posted images of both the letter and the lunchbox on Imgur.

—​ Katherine Timpf is a National Review Online reporter.  


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