University Ban on Saggy Pants Declared Racist

Apparently, it's “politically insensitive” to tell people to wear fully functional pants.

Henderson State University in Arkansas is being accused of racism for posting a sign on campus telling students not to wear saggy pants.

The whole argument here, of course, is that saggy pants are associated with black culture, and therefore banning them is due to a racist hatred of that culture. After all, it’s not like the university should be able to expect students to cover their butts on campus.

“The group that I’m representing was outraged by the sign, student Daisha Haggans told KATV, a local news source.

“It’s politically insensitive to certain groups,” another student, Kristin Bell, told KATV. “They felt like they were being targeted.”

The administration defended the sign, explaining that it was simply intended to prepare students for the professional world. (It also listed “profanity, excessive loudness,” and “rude behavior” as being unacceptable.)

#related#”We do a disservice to students if we do not teach those values while they’re here,” said Dr. Lewis A. Shepherd, Jr., vice president of Student and External Affairs.

Although Haggans agreed that those lessons were important ones to learn, she still maintained that a sign was not “the right communication.”

Although the sign itself has since been taken down, the saggy-pants ban still stands, according to an article in the Daily Caller.

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