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Montage: Watch Hillary Duck Every Question in 14-Minute CNN Interview

‘You know I can’t answer that!’

Last night, Wolf Blitzer managed to score a 14-minute interview with Hillary Clinton, during which he was free to wrest as many answers from the press-shy candidate as he could.

The number of answers she actually gave? Zero. Hillary bobbed, weaved, ducked, dodged, and ultimately avoided answering a single question.

Here’s a quick recap of the nine questions Blitzer asked:

‐Carly Fiorina said you lack accomplishments. What’s your biggest accomplishment as secretary of State?

‐Carly Fiorina dared you to watch the Planned Parenthood videos; have you seen them?

Might Planned Parenthood have broken any federal laws?

‐Regarding your server, why did it take you so long to apologize? 

‐Why is Bernie Sanders beating you in Iowa and New Hampshire?

‐Are you more qualified than Vice President Biden?

‐Are you ready to accept more DNC debates?

‐Will you call on the DNC to authorize more debates?

‐Would you be a better president than your husband?

Also of note is the number of follow-up questions Blitzer asked: zero. 


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