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Clinton Spox Claims to Not Know What It Means to ‘Wipe’ a Server

Hillary Clinton’s chief spokesman, Brian Fallon, today echoed his employer in claiming ignorance about what it means to “wipe” a server. When Ed Henry asked the DNC front-runner whether she wiped her secret server, Clinton infamously replied, “Like with a cloth?”

Today Fallon found himself in a heated exchange with CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who wanted to know why Clinton wiped her server clean, while only preserving e-mails in PDF format.

FALLON: So, the Justice Department, in addition to having the electronic form of the PDFs provided to the State Department, they also now have the server. I don’t know what the FBI is going to do with it, but they may seek —

KEILAR: — the wiped server —

FALLON: “ — Anytime of operation on it, but — ”

KEILAR: “ — The wiped server, right, Brian?”

FALLON: “I don’t know what “wiped” means. The e-mails were deleted. The e-mails were deleted — ”

Fallon then repeated the talking point:

The Justice Department asked for them in electronic form, she provided them — PDFs on a thumb drive, she provided them. She also provided the server. I don’t know what “wiped” means. Literally the e-mails were deleted off the server, that’s true, but it’s quite possible, I don’t know that any steps were taken to remove any metadata.


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