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Krauthammer: Walker, Trump ‘Sore Losers’ for Claiming Media Biased for Carly

'You watch the debate, it was clear she won'

Charles Krauthammer said that Governor Scott Walker and Donald Trump are “sore losers” for claiming the media knew in advance they would crown Carly Fiorina the winner of Wednesday night’s Republican debate.

Speaking to Megyn Kelly on Friday’s The Kelly File, Krauthammer said Fiorina ”clearly was the winner.” 

After the CNN debate, Scott Walker said: “I think going in, we knew the narrative, no matter what was going to happen, that,they were going to say Carly had a big night no matter what. And obviously they said that.”

Donald Trump also blamed the media, saying: “I think [the media] wanted to have some kind of a narrative. They fed her softballs. You know, I don’t get that whole situation. Some of the things that she was asked were ridiculous. ‘Donald Trump said this — and she practically didn’t have to answer.”

Krauthammer directly rebutted Trump’s claim that Fiorina received easier questions:

There were no easy questions here. I think what really happened, we had one instance where Donald Trump was challenged and Carly did it. She did it in a very concise and cutting way. And for the first time, Trump had no answer. And that was an electric moment. And I can understand why Trump would be upset about that. But it wasn’t because she was fed easy questions. In fact, I feel the other great moment she had was when, in reference to no other candidate, she spoke about Iran and Planned Parenthood — sort of an odd pair of topics – in a single riff, which was riveting. And that was her other moment. And that was a positive moment. It was not about attacking on the Republicans. So she clearly was the winner. The idea that she was set up, everybody was ready to declare the winner, is nonsense. You watch the debate, it was clear she won.

Tom S. Elliott is the founder and editor of Grabien.

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