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Michael Isikoff: Blumenthal E-mail to Hillary Is ‘Evidence of a Commission of a Federal Crime’

Investigative journalist Michael Isikoff reports that an e-mail Sidney Blumenthal sent Hillary Clinton while secretary of State revealed the name of a CIA operator, putting the spy’s life at risk. Appearing Monday on Morning Joe, Isikoff said the e-mail, which Clinton forwarded to one of her State Department colleagues, is “evidence of a commission of a federal crime by somebody,” though not necessarily Clinton. 

“This is maybe the single most problematic e-mail exchange we’ve seen with Hillary Clinton yet of all the e-mails that have been raised,” Isikoff said. “What you have there is Blumenthal telling the secretary that somebody at the CIA gave the name of a sensitive human intelligence source to somebody who wasn’t at the CIA.”

“On its face, that is problematic. All we know at this point is that Secretary Clinton forwarded that e-mail to a colleague at the State Department,” Isikoff continued. 

Former CIA counsel, John Rizzo, also appearing on Morning Joe, highlighted the severity of the security lapse: “That’s the holiest of holies inside CIA — the true identity of a secret source.”

“Even inside CIA, in e-mails, internal e-mails, or cables, or even conversations, you never mention, you never talk about the true name of the source,” Rizzo said. Failure to do so, he said, “could be literary lethal.”



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