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Super-Cool Hillary Campaign Posts Super-Cool Hillary Halloween-Costume Ideas

Ahhhhh! She's so cool!

Hillary Clinton’s super-cool campaign website has posted five different super-cool do-it-yourself Hillary Clinton costume ideas for anyone who wants to look as super-cool as Hillary this Halloween.

“From her simple beginnings in Park Ridge, Illinois, to her statement-making years as secretary of state, Hillary has always showcased her signature style,” the website gushes. “Make a declaration of your own this Halloween in one of these five looks — or enlist your friends and put together a group costume that spans decades.”

The sections describing how to make each of the five costumes — which, by the way are “Park Ridge Hillary,” “Hipster Hillary,” “‘Cold shoulder’ Hillary,” “‘Women’s rights are human rights’ Hillary” and “Texts from Hillary” — come complete with handy little factoids about the times in Hillary’s life that inspired each outfit.

For example: Before letting the reader know she will need a “pink suit, white necklace and gold brooch” for “‘Women’s rights are human rights’ Hillary,” the campaign website offers this little gem:

At the 1995 U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, Hillary declared, “Human rights are women’s rights, and women’s rights are human rights.” Today, she’s continuing that fight for women and families.

What a great little bit of information! Now you can use it to explain your costume to all of the parties you’re invited to! (Because I am sure the kind of people who would think this is a good Halloween idea are also the kind of people who get invited to a ton of cool parties.)

#share#Other little facts included in the costume descriptions — which, by the way are definitely included because they are necessary and definitely not because they are an attempt to humanize the unhumanizable — include that Paul was Hillary’s favorite Beatle and she used to always debate her George-loving friend Betsy about why he was the greatest (Haha! Awwwww!).  She also used to wear scrunchies while she was Secretary of State (Haha! Scrunchies! Cool!)

The page also contains a spot to put in your email to join Hillary’s campaign. And after seeing all of this, I personally felt I had to. I feel like she just gets me, you know?

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review.

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