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In Alabama, Hillary’s Fake Southern Accent Returns

Campaigning over the weekend at the Alabama Democratic Conference in Hoover, Ala., Hillary Clinton argued America’s economy always performs better under Democratic presidents. More notable, however, is that the event featured the return of Clinton’s Southern accent. 

“There is a pattern of the Republicans getting us into the messes and Democratic presidents having to come in and clean them up!” Clinton said, affecting a drawl not heard earlier in the week. 

Clinton is known to occasionally attempt accents in select settings. Some earlier examples: 

#related#‐In August, Clinton’s Southern drawl made an appearance in South Carolina: “I love watchin’ HGTV!” 

‐In March 2007, Clinton, quoting James Cleveland, memorably said in Selma, Ala., “I don’t feel in noways tired!” 

‐In her 2000 Senate campaign, she donned a New York accent, at one point during a speech awkwardly exclaiming, “Hey, this is New Yawk!” 

‐In 1983, during her husband’s campaign for governor of Arkansas, Clinton spoke with a decidedly Southern, albeit less twangy, accent. 

— Tom S. Elliott is the founder and editor of Grabien.



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