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Notre Dame Replaces Gym Class with Mandatory ‘Cultural Competency’ Class

The course is now required for all freshmen.

The University of Notre Dame has replaced its mandatory physical education course with a mandatory “cultural competency,” inclusiveness,” and “human sexualilty” class.

The change began this semester.

The new course is called the “Moreau First Year Experience” and campus officials state it is supposed to “foster a spirit of inclusiveness on campus” and help students “develop a deeper understanding of the complex interactions of gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, and race,” according to campus officials as reported by the College Fix.

According to the school’s independent newspaper, the Irish Rover, many students aren’t so happy about having to take the class.

#share#“It’s only supposed to be an hour a week of homework, but really it’s a lot more than that because you have to read a lot, watch videos, and write thoughtful responses,” freshman David Carmack told the Rover.

The course consists of two semester-long one-credit classes for a grade. The P.E. class had been pass-fail, according to the Fix.

The course was named after the founder of Notre Dame’s order of the Congregation of Holy Cross, Blessed Basil Moreau.


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