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University: The Phrase ‘Politically Correct’ Is Politically Incorrect


According to the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, the phrase “politically correct” is now politically incorrect.


The school’s “Just Words” campaign declares that the phrase is offensive because although it has been “typically used surrounding issues of social identities in an attempt to avoid offense,” “over time, PC has become a way to deflect, say that people are being too ‘sensitive,’ and police language.”

(Now, I might say that believing the phrase “politically correct” is politically incorrect is perfect proof that people are being too sensitive, but maybe I’m just a jerk.)

“It is disconnected from authentic understanding of impact,” a graphic featured on the campaign’s website declares.

The campaign is sponsored by the school’s Inclusive Excellence Center, which is clearly a completely necessary use of time and resources. 

The center explains that it modeled its program after the “Words That Hurt and Why” campaign at the University of California–Davis, but decided to add that horrible phrase “politically correct” all on its own (how progressive!):

#share#“I’d like to add Politically Correct (PC) to program . . . and seek a way to succinctly outline/define PC for its basis, purpose especially how its (sic) used now to let people hide their bias but also minimize the pushback they received after contributing aggressive,” the center’s website states. 

Now, it is not clear who exactly the “I” here is — especially since the website’s blurb opens with “We, the staff of the Inclusive Excellence Center.”

#related#In any case, I have a question for this “I:” So, what are people supposed to say if somebody really is being too sensitive?

Oops, never mind. I just remembered that there is no such thing in as “too sensitive” in our society anymore. The person with hurt feelings is always right, and the person (or sombrero) that they’re accusing of hurting them is always a monster. After all, there’s nothing more noble in today’s culture than being offended. 

The campaign was originally reported on in an article in Campus Reform

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review.


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