Op Ed: Hating Pumpkin-Spice Lattes Is Sexist

Swarthmore College student explains why joking about pumpkin-spice lattes is a huge problem.

According to a Swarthmore College student’s op-ed, the real reason that people make fun of pumpkin-spice lattes is that our society thinks everything girls like is stupid because “girls don’t get to have valid emotions.”

“It all comes back to sexism,” Min Cheng writes in a piece for The Phoenix, Swarthmore’s official student newspaper. “People love to hate on what girls like.”

“The PSL hate seems to me like a symptom of a larger problem: girls don’t get to have valid emotions,” she continues.

(Exactly what a latte flavor could possibly have to do with your emotions is unclear — but maybe I just haven’t been drinking meaningful-enough coffee.)

Lest you think she’s not making any sense, Cheng gives plenty of other examples to prove her point. Her piece — which, by the way, is titled “Evaluating Masculinity, Hidden Sexism, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes” — explains that people also make fun of leggings, Uggs, North Faces, Taylor Swift, Instagram, flower crowns, crop tops and Grey’s Anatomy (arguably the worst show in the world, except for maybe Gilmore Girls) and Pinterest.

Clear sexism.

#share#After all, it’s not like anyone ever makes fun of guys for their “stereotypical” things. You know, like yelling at the television when they watch sports or drinking too much beer or being emotionally stunted. And it’s definitely not like these stereotypes are perpetuated throughout our culture on popular shows like The Simpsons or King of Queens or South Park or Home Improvement or every romantic comedy ever in the history of all time.

Nope. Only women have to deal with stereotypes, and the pumpkin-spice-lattes one is, for sure, particularly traumatic. Despite this, however, Chen said she herself is still brave enough to drink the lattes when they’re in season.

Wow. So inspiring. Hopefully someday, more women will find the courage to be as strong as she is.


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