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Charles Koch: Harry Reid’s ‘Dishonest’ Attacks Won’t Stop Me

Charles Koch appeared today on Morning Joe and hit back at Senator Harry Reid, who has at various times attacked the philanthropist brothers as “terrible,” “immoral,” and “un-American.” The Koch Industries CEO called the Nevada senator’s attacks “dishonest” but said he abides by Harry Truman’s maxim that “if you can’t stand the heat, don’t go into the kitchen.”

“I’m kind of like Martin Luther when he was on trial, and he said, ‘Here I stand. I can do no other.’ I mean, I dedicated my life to this,” Koch said. “The ideas we’ve been talking about transformed my life, and so it’s my mission. I feel a moral obligation to help other people learn these and transform their lives.”

However, he also worried what it means for America to have elected officials single out individuals for attack: “It’s frightening for the future of the country to have these public officials try to hurt and destroy private citizens who oppose what they’re doing rather than have a conversation and maybe find, as we’ve done with the White House, find areas where we can work together on things we agree to make the country better instead of this vitriol and these dishonest attacks.”


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