Thinking Chromosomes Indicate Biological Sex Declared ‘Inaccurate’ and ‘Cissexist’

Chromosomes are so transphobic.

A transgender feminist blogger recently wrote a list of 20 things that are “cissexist” — such as thinking chromosome pairs have anything to do with biological sex and showing people pictures of your non-transgender child.

The author, James St. James, defines “cissexism” as “pretty much unchecked cis privilege or an otherwise shoddy awareness of the social monopoly on binary gender.”

The first one on his no-no list? “Believing That XX and XY Actually Mean Something.”


St. James explains that although the pairs can offer “a general idea of future conditions a person may or may not develop that are directly due to those chromosomal pairings,” “XY does not indicate a biological man and XX does not indicate a biological woman.”

Keep in mind that he is not just saying that chromosomes don’t determine gender identity . . . he’s taking it way further and saying that they do not have anything to do with biological sex, either. After all, sometimes people are born intersex or with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome — which means it’s totally ignorant to acknowledge that chromosomes do determine biological sex the vast, vast majority of the time.

“Think about it: If one instance of a mathematical proof is shown to be wrong, then the entire proof has to be tossed on account of it being deemed inaccurate,” he writes.

For this reason, St. James explains, there are a lot of fetuses out there who have had to deal with our society’s rampant cissexism before even being born — and if you have ever asked a pregnant woman “Is it a boy or a girl?” then you are a part of the problem.

“Want to get an accurate answer on that one? Ask the person in question, not the person carrying them to term,” he advises.

(Note: His decision to use the word “person” to describe a fetus is particularly interesting — because he’s also pro-abortion.)

#share#In any case, St. James adds that it is also not okay to assume the gender identity of a child — even your own child — until that child tells you it. Oh, and by the way, if you’re a parent and “show off your baby photos with little hesitation,” that’s cissexist, too, because “non-binary baby photos are a whole different animal.”

Some other examples of cissexism on the list include “Never Wondering Why Tampons Aren’t in Men’s Restrooms” and “Stores Having ‘Men’s’ or ‘Women’s’ Clothes That Only Fit Specific Body Types” — despite the fact that most people would probably consider the latter to be, you know, a more convenient way to shop than having to just arbitrarily look through a giant pile of randomly assorted garments.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review.  

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