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Montage: 14 Ridiculous Explanations for the Mizzou Protests

What are students at the University of Missouri protesting? Since demonstrations engulfed the Columbus, Mo., campus, resulting in the resignation of its president, Tim Wolfe, many still aren’t sure what sparked the initial controversy. 

In the last 24 hours, various members of the Mizzou community have appeared on TV to offer their take. 

Explanations vary, with everyone seemingly nursing their own gripe. 

Stephanie Shonekan, a professor of music, says students are still reeling from the killing of Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson. 

Journalism professor Cynthia Frisby said she often experiences “mean” behavior from students and faculty alike, and wonders whether it might have to do with her race.

Elisa Glick, an associate professor of English, is upset that she has seen a Confederate flag on campus. 

The above montage features 14 of the most bizarre explanations. And it’s only been 24 hours. 

— Tom S. Elliott is the founder and editor of Grabien.


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