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Take Off the Gloves and Level ISIS HQ

MQ-9 Reaper (Photo: Lieutenant Colonel Leslie Pratt)

Let’s be generous and say that President Obama is half-hearted in fighting the ongoing battle against ISIS and the wider War on Radical Islam.

“We have a military strategy that is putting enormous pressure on ISIL through airstrikes,” Obama told journalists in Antalya, Turkey, on Monday. He added: “And so we are going to continue to pursue the strategy that has the best chance of working.” As proof of this, Obama cited last week’s drone strike that killed high-profile, British-born ISIS leader Mohammed Emwazi (a.k.a. Jihadi John) on the streets of Raqqa, Syria, ISIS’s de facto capital.

While that may sound comforting, Russ Vaughn of the American Thinker looked at the Daily Mail’s coverage of Jihadi John’s atomization. The militant-Muslim decapitator was blasted to bits in an open square near Raqqa’s Clock Roundabout. The Daily Mail’s photo shows that spot, just a few blocks from ISIS’s main headquarters. While an American Hellfire missile turned Jihadi John into pieces small enough to be gobbled by pigeons, the office where ISIS thugs plot their monumental evil stands in pristine condition. Those inside who work against peace work in peace.

If Vaughn and the Daily Mail know where ISIS plans its bloodshed, presumably Obama knows this, too. (And, if not, he should know this now.)

This building sorely needs renovation: a half-dozen Hellfire missiles installed through its roof. ISIS’s headquarters must be obliterated, not at midnight, when it’s empty, but at High Noon, when top terrorists are in their offices, conspiring to destroy Western civilization and enslave and murder Muslims by the millions.

Everyone inside that structure is fair game. As targets, they are as legitimate as everyone inside Adolph Hitler’s Reichskanzlei in 1944. This includes secretaries, cooks, and janitors — all of whom advance ISIS’s evil. May every last one rot in the rubble.

#share#If such decisive action gives Obama the shakes, he should visualize this: A half-dozen top ISIS commanders stand inside a conference room in the terror group’s headquarters. They concentrate on a map of Manhattan with bright-red Sharpie ink encircling Grand Central Terminal, the TKTS discount-ticket booth in Times Square, the Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink, Macy’s, the Four Seasons Restaurant, and the New York Stock Exchange. The top of the map reads, “Operation al-Lang Syne — December 31, 2015.”

Any questions?

#related#As for collateral damage, it will be very sad if someone who strolls by that building gets killed by flying masonry or shattered pieces of some bloodthirsty radical imam’s picture window. This is war, war is hell, and people inevitably die when virtuous nations crush tyrants.

This is an inescapable truth that Obama needs to accept.

Obama should stop his futile effort to save thousands of lives by avoiding collateral damage. Instead, he should focus on saving millions of lives by exterminating ISIS and hurling militant Islam atop the ash heap of history. Realistic rules of engagement will get this job done.

“It’s best that we don’t shoot first and aim later,” Obama said Monday. It seems pointless to expect much from Obama. But how about better aim?

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News contributor and a contributing editor of National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


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