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Reporter to Fast-Food Protester: Paramedics Don’t Even Make $15 an Hour, and They Save Lives

This week fast-food workers held protests in cities nationwide, demanding their pay be increased to $15/hour. In Southfield, Mich., the city’s Democratic mayor-elect, Ken Siver, joined the protests, telling Fox 2 Detroit, “You can’t live on the current minimum wage, how can you support a family?” 

Fox 2 Detroit reporter Roop Raj asked one of the protesters, “Some people say that paramedics don’t even make $15 an hour and they save lives, so why should fast-food workers get that?”

The protester, Lakecha Jackson, replied, “Because we do too much; we do more than we get paid.” 

Another protester told Raj, “We can’t live off the minimum wage, it’s just not possible.” Asked to describe a typical day, the protester said, ”Me doing everything from running the drive through, to washing dishes, to prepping food — it’s just a lot of work.” 

The protesters are also demanding union representation. 

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