New ‘Feminist’ Trend: Putting Glitter in Your Armpit Hair

Hey, ladies: Apparently, growing out your armpit hair and putting glitter in it for the holidays is now considered a form of feminist activism. 

Yes, seriously,

“Peppering your pits with glitter sends a powerful, dazzling message,” boasts a piece in Elite Daily.

“What’s better than fighting armpit-shaming while sweating gold specks?” it asks. 

Now, I’ve got to be honest here: “Armpit-shaming” is something I’ve spent approximately zero time worrying about, and I really think that that’s more because I know what a real problem is than because I am ignorant of something important.

Still, it’s something that people are talking about. In fact, sources including Marie Claire and Look have gone so far as to call “#glitterpits” a “feminist campaign.”  

I really do not care what anyone does with his or her armpits. If you want put a bunch of glitter on your armpits, fine. Do what makes you happy, and best of luck getting it off of your body if you ever decide that you’re done with it. 

But make no mistake: Woman or not, your pit-bedazzling does nothing to empower me. In fact, I have no emotional or political attachment to armpits whatsoever. 

But maybe I’m just crazy. 

– Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review



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