College Students Sign ‘Petition’ to Ban ‘White Christmas’ Because It’s Racist


In “Getting Hard to Tell Satire from Reality” News: A group of college kids actually signed a fake petition demanding that the song “White Christmas” be banned from radio stations because it’s racist.

In a how-bad-has-it-gotten experiment, conservative MRCTV reporter Dan Joseph took the seemingly ridiculous petition to a college campus (Joseph doesn’t name which campus in the video, but George Mason University signage can be seen in the background of at least one of the shots) to see how many students would sign it.

“Tell Local Radio Stations to Stop Playing the Song ‘White Christmas’ as it is Insulting to People of Color and Perpetuates the Idea That Being White is Automatically A Positive Attribute in Our Society,” the petition stated.

The fake petition received 18 signatures in about an hour, according to MRCTV.

While students were signing the petition, Joseph made comments such as calling the song a “microaggression” and saying that he preferred “racially ambiguous” Christmases.

FYI: The “white” in the song refers to snow — the preferred color of which is usually white for reasons completely unrelated to race.

— Katherine Timpf is a reporter for National Review Online


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